Ben & Capt Mainwaring

Ben & Capt. Mainwaring (Dad’s Army)

In 2007, I retired from a hectic career as an electronics engineer having travelled the world and put on a lot of weight.  Casting around for something to keep me busy, I started walking long-distance trails with my wife Carol, and writing books.   The boot miles are now well over 2,500 and the published books number ten with more in the offing.

I also started writing essays, sending them unsolicited to family and friends who sometimes responded and sometimes ignored me.  I wrote about anything and everything as evidenced by the contents of my 2014 book, Fingers to the Keyboard: 2000 – 2014.  Other  books cover my thoughts on religion, my life as a world-travelling professional electronics engineer, and tales from the long-distance trails.  You’ll find more detail here, plus the books are available as e-books on www.smashwords.com and in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Contact me at ben@ben-bennetts.com

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