2012 – 2020 Books

A list of books I have published under my Atheos Books banner.  Most have my name in the byline but two are under a pseudonym (J C Pascoe).  The books are listed in chronological order. Click on a cover icon or title below to reveal more details.

Religion ThumbnailThe Religion Business: Cashing in on God
2012, e-book and p-book

An atheist’s view of religion

RAF Negombo Thumbnail

Memories of RAF Negombo Ceylon, 1950 – 52 (Assisted by Maureen Wyatt (née Bennetts))
2012, e-book.

My life as a young boy living on an RAF camp in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.

OOO Thumbnail

On One Occasion… Ivory Tower and Road Warrior Stories
2013, e-book

On One Occasion… Ivory Tower and Road Warrior Stories
2020, printed edition

Stories from my professional career as a university lecturer (Ivory Tower) and, subsequently, a world-travelling consultant in electronics (Road Warrior).

TFTT Part 1 Thumbnail

Tales from the Trails Part 1: UK Trails
2014, e-book

Stories from multi-day hikes along UK National Trails and other long-distance paths in the UK.

FTTK-1 Thumbnail

Fingers to the Keyboard: 2000 – 2014
2014, e-book

A collection of essays on many different topics.

QTW Thumbnail

Quickie Table Wines
1977, republished 2015, e-book

Republication of a 1970s best seller about home-made wine making.

WWWoW Thumbnail

The Wondrous Wacky World of Words (with Jenny Bennetts)
2015, e-book and p-book

An amusing and amazing look at different types of words in the English language.

TFTT Part 2 Thumbnail

Tales from the Trails Part 2: non-UK Trails
2015, e-book

More stories from long-distance hikes, this time further afield (Nepal, India, Madeira, Spain and Switzerland)

Conversations Thumbnail

Conversations (J C Pascoe)
2016, e-book and p-book

A novel about a young university student (Abi) and an older divorcé (Gerry), the lives of honey bees, and lots of sex.
Note: sexually explicit and not suitable for minors.

Conversations Lite Thumbnail

Conversation Lite (J C Pascoe)
2016, e-book and p-book

As per Conversations but without the sex.

FTTK-2 Thumbnail

Fingers to the Keyboard: 2015 – 16
2016, e-book

A further collection of essays based on my blog website.

The Dream Guardian
2017, e-book and paperback

Grandpa, the Dream Guardian, tells stories to his two grandchildren.

The Mechanics of Creative Writing
2018, e-book and paperback

How to turn a few scrappy Word text files and assorted graphics into an e-book or printed book suitable for self-publishing.

Fingers to the Keyboard: 2017 – 2018
2019, e-book

Yet more blogs from 2017 and 2018

Tales from the Trails
2019, paperback

The two earlier e-books combined into a single paperback version.

Staying Fit in your Golden Years
2019, e-book and papeback.

A collection of short articles targeted at senior citizens.

Memories of my Schooldays at the King’s School, Grantham: 1955 – 60
2019, paperback

My secondary-school days as a boarder at Isaac Newton’s school in Grantham

Victoria’s Magical Garden
2020, paperback

Adventures with pixies in a magical garden that has access to Rainbow World.

Note: you can download a PDF file listing all the books from here.

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