The Wondrous Wacky World of Words

WWWoW ThumbnailThe Wondrous Wacky World of Words
Ben Bennetts, with illustrations by Jenny Bennetts

Published 2015
Smashwords and Amazon Kindle Store, $6.06 (e-book), $11.00 (paperback)

How are you on words?  Do you know your oxymorons from your tautologies; your alliterations from your euphemisms; your acronyms from your homonyms; or your onomatopoeias from your palindromes?   Is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious a nonce word or a nonsense word?  Can you create neologisms by prefixing, suffixing, back-forming, compounding, and blending with the best of them?  Can you define the word word without using the word word?  Do you know what it means to munch a brick or bend someone’s ear? Is a fire distinguisher a spoonerism or a malapropism?  Are you a logophile, an etymologist, a lexicologist, a philologist, a logologist, a linguist or just someone who enjoys a walk in the park?

If you know the answers to all these questions, you’ve no need to read this essay.  If not, read on and be amused, amazed and ameliorated.

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