UK National Apple Peeling Association

Congratulations, you have found the home page of the UK’s National Apple Peeling Association.  Founded by ace apple-peeler Ben Bennetts, the aims of the association are to further the skill of divesting an apple of its peel in one fluid motion creating a single stranded peel using just regular household peelers.  Download the rules of the competition here.   If you succeed in reaching the 100 cm length, you may send authenticated evidence to the Patron of the Association, HM Queen Elizabeth (invitation pending but submit your claim here), with copy to the Chairman and CEO, Ben Bennetts, whereupon you will receive a signed copy of the coveted One Hundred Centimetre Certificate as shown here:


Coveted One Hundred Centimetre Certificate

… and your name will be entered in the National Apple Peeling Association’s Hall of Fame.  Be the first entry!

Hang your certificate with pride either in the kitchen or in the living room.  It is forbidden to hang in the toilet or garden shed.

Good luck in your attempt to secure this coveted award.

Ben Bennetts
Founder and Chairman of the UK National Apple Peeling Association

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