Conversations Lite

Conversations Lite ThumbnailConversations Lite
J C Pascoe

Published 2016
Smashwords and Amazon Kindle Store, $4.99 (e-book), $7.99 (paperback)

‘Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?’ So starts a series of weekly topic-discussion meetings over a period of five months between 22-year-old sexually-experienced social-sciences student, Abigail Scott, and 58-year-old divorcé and beekeeper Gerry Hawkins.  Abi is looking for someone to bounce opinions off whereas Gerry is happy to have someone to converse with while drinking coffee in the High Street coffee house.

Gradually, their discussions lead to friendship and Gerry begins to wonder if maybe the friendship will develop even further.  The honey bees, unwittingly, have a hand in helping the relationship mature.

Note: Conversations Lite is an expurgated version of Conversations, written by the same author.

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