Fingers to the Keyboard: Book 3

Fingers to the Keyboard: Book 3
Published 2021
Amazon paperback edition: £17, click here

Fingers to the Keyboard (FTTK) is a series of four paperback books based on four earlier ebooks containing articles covering a wide variety of topics, many of which were posted on my website over a period of six years starting in 2015. FTTK Book 3, this book, opens with reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by another assortment of diverse articles, the purity of mathematics, an abundance of movie reviews, and some focussed one-off articles on singular subjects.

Each book contains a comprehensive index, and is liberally illustrated with an assortment of photographs, cartoons, screen grabs and other artistic creations. References, where needed, are either in-text or included as footnotes.

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