Fingers to the Keyboard: Book 4

Fingers to the Keyboard: Book 4
Published 2021
Amazon paperback edition: £17, click here

Fingers to the Keyboard (FTTK) is a series of four paperback books based on four earlier ebooks containing articles covering a wide variety of topics, many of which were posted on my website over a period of six years starting in 2015. FTTK Book 4, this book, contains articles highlighting problems associated with becoming hard of hearing, followed by an atheist’s view of religion, some sport commentaries, antiroyalist potshots at the UK’s royal family, the pleasures of walking long-distance trails and, finally, online aids to writing.

Each book contains a comprehensive index, and is liberally illustrated with an assortment of photographs, cartoons, screen grabs and other artistic creations. References, where needed, are either in-text or included as footnotes.

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