Movies for Movie Buffs: 1 – 100

Movies for Movie Buffs: 1 – 100
Published 2022
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I watch movies. I watch lots of movies, any genre, any language, any time of the day! Sometimes, I rate the movies as good verging on excellent for various reasons—the excellence of the storyline, the acting, the cinematography, the dialogue, the editing, the direction and, occasionally, all of the above. When I encounter such a film, I am often motivated to capture my appraisal in a short ‘recommendation’ review and post on my blogging website in a series called Movies for Movie Buffs. This book is a collection of the first one hundred such reviews covering movies from all over the world and in a variety of languages, not just the English language. As such, therefore, if you are unfamiliar with the language of the film, you will need to view the appropriate subtitles but don’t let that put you off. Your brain will quickly adjust.

Each review contains a summary of the story, the reasons I am recommending it, and, possibly, scenes to watch out for or other alerts about the film. If you are a movie buff, you are sure to find something of interest in the book. If you are not a movie buff, make a start with a selection from the movies in the book and join the club!

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