Staying Fit in your Golden Years

Staying Fit in your Golden Years
Ben Bennetts

Published 2019

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As we grow old and particularly when we retire from an active lifestyle, there is a tendency to relax back in the armchair and reflect on our lifetime achievements.  Moving from an active to a sedentary lifestyle has its consequences however.  Muscles stiffen up and lose their flexibility.  The heart doesn’t have to work so hard and so begins to weaken.  The brain begins to falter – memories fade and mental skills degrade.  And, overall, we begin to lose our enthusiasm for what lies ahead.  But, these days, the benefits of maintaining both physical and mental fitness throughout our Golden Years are well known.

The series of short articles in this booklet cover the core techniques and benefits of staying physically and mentally fit both inside and outside the home; things we can do in the home to minimise the risk of an accident and accommodate the limitations of growing old; advice on mastering the digital technologies used both for communication and for safety; controlling weight through diet; and the need for and benefits of maintaining a social network of family and friends.


Maintaining Physical Fitness
Maintaining Mental Fitness
Managing New Technologies
Adapting the Home
Indoor Physical Activities
Diet and Calories
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