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FrontCoverThumbNailYes, my most famous booklet full of erudite and scholarly advice on how to make high-class homemade wine cheaply, easily and QUICKLY has been republished as an e-book.  And it’s free!

Okay, the booklet may not be all those things – famous, erudite, scholarly – but it is now available as a MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (iPad) or PDF file from http://www.smashwords.com and it is free.  Enter “Quickie Table Wines” in Smashwords’ search engine to find and download the booklet.

Here’s the summary:

In 1977, I published a small 16-page booklet titled “Quickie Table Wines”. It was a simple “do this, do that” set of instructions designed to produce palatable fruit-based table wines within 4 to 5 weeks for just £0.15/bottle. The technique had been well researched and proven by experiment and the booklet went on to become a UK best seller, selling just under 12,000 copies before publication ceased sometime around the mid-‘80s. Friends and family still talk about the booklet and their wine-making experiences and I have decided to re-publish as an e-book. The prices in the booklet are 1977 prices but the technique is ageless. Enjoy.

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