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The Wondrous Wacky World of Words

Front Cover Full Size NewAnnouncing a new essay eloquently written by “Molly Wordmaid” (aka Ben Bennetts) and lavishly illustrated by “Polly Painter” (aka Jenny Bennetts).

Here’s the summary of the essay.

How are you on words? Do you know your oxymorons from your tautologies; your alliterations from your euphemisms; your acronyms from your homonyms; or your onomatopoeias from your palindromes? Is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious a nonce word or a nonsense word? Can you create neologisms by prefixing, suffixing, back-forming, compounding, and blending with the best of them? Can you define the word word without using the word word? Do you know what it means to munch a brick or bend someone’s ear? Is a fire distinguisher a spoonerism or a malapropism? Are you a logophile, an etymologist, a lexicologist, a philologist, a logologist, a linguist or just someone who enjoys a walk in the park?

If you know the answers to all these questions, you’ve no need to read this essay. If not, read on and be amused, amazed and ameliorated.

You can download the essay from two sources:

Smashwords.  Enter ‘Ben Bennetts’ in the search engine to locate the essay.   Available in MOBI, EPUB and PDF formats. $1.49

Amazon’s Kindle Store. Go to Amazon’s website and search for ‘Ben Bennetts’ in the Kindle Store.  Available in MOBI only. £0.99

Or send me an e-mail and request a free download, justifying your request in not more than 20 wondrous wacky words!