May HeadlinesHeadlines, 12 July, 2016

Now that Theresa May is all set to become the UK’s next Prime Minister, I can see the headline writers having a field day with her surname.  It’s already happened in today’s newspapers with “Another day of Mayhem”  (Metro), and the obvious “May Day” (i).  There will be more:

“Maya ‘ave a good day, Ma’am” when she goes to meet the Queen tomorrow. (Maya: supernatural power in Hinduism and Buddhism)

“May Queen” after she’s officially sworn in as Prime Minister. (May queen: pretty girl chosen to celebrate May Day)

“Mayweed!” if she ever admits to smoking marijuana. (Mayweed: wild camomile plant)

“May, be a lady tonight” when she dresses up for an official event.  (A play on “Luck, be a lady tonight”, use of maybe)

“May, fly and do your best” when she flies to Brussels to meet the EU officials. (Mayfly: short-lived aquatic insect)

“May, bug those Eurocrats” when she addresses the European parliament.  (May bug: flying beetle, aka doodlebug or cockchafer)

“Mayest thou win” when she enters into Brexit negotiations in Brussels. (Mayest: may you (Old English))

“May says mayn’t!” when she defies the EU bureaucrats. (Mayn’t: contraction of may not)  This might become Theresa May’s catchphrase, similar to Maggie Thatcher’s “This lady’s not for turning!”.

“Yo, May!”, greeting as in “Yo, Blair”, George Bush’s greeting to Tony Blair in St. Petersburg, 2006.   (Reversal of mayo: short form for mayonnaise)

“May Flower” when she visits the Chelsea Flower Show wearing her trademark kitten heels and colourful garb.  (Mayflower/May flower: a flower, a ship, a restaurant, and many more things)

I’ll leave you to add to this list, or just watch the headlines.