When I retired in 2007, I joined the social media network LinkedIn, the “world’s largest professional network”.  LinkedIn is designed for professional people who are either looking for a new job or who want to keep in contact with business colleagues.  I joined to track down some of my former professional colleagues, just to keep in touch.

When you join LinkedIn, you have to answer profile questions such as “What is your present position?” and “Who do you work for?”.  I answered that my present position is “Retired” and I work for “None”.

It seems I am not alone.  This morning I received an e-mail from LinkedIn inviting me to connect with other “Retired at None” colleagues:

retired-at-noneI plan to incorporate a new company called None and to assign the job title Retired to all its employees.  We will provide no services nor manufacture any products but we will have a recognised status in the bustling world of LinkedIn professionals.

Power to the Retired at Nones!