The recent events in Zimbabwe and the deluge of headlines about Mugabe have prompted me to think about other possible headlines in the near future that will rise head and shoulders above the ocean of attention-grabbing one-liners plus subtitles and stop us in our tracks, aghast, amused, amazed or just plain baffled.   How about:

Kim Jong-un toppled by populist overthrow in North Korea.
   Despot seeks refuge in Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II dies peacefully on the throne.
   Charles and William locked in bATTLE to succeed.

Iran’s religious leaders declare Islam to be a sham.
  Scientologists open lavish new headquarters in Tehran.

J K Rowling becomes a Dame of the British Empire.
   “Now I can write the definitive Hogwarts (sic) cookery book,” she declares in her blog.

All female crew successfully land Apollo 21 on the moon.
LGBT crew in training for Apollo 22.

March 31, 2019.  EU and UK: decree absolute.
  Now what?

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Starbucks repay multi-billions in back tax.
  “Now we can properly fund the NHS,” says Hammond.

All Swiss crew win the Volvo Ocean race in record time.
   “The land speed record is next,” they declare.

Harriet Harman gives up politics to become a pole dancer.
   Ann Widdecombe applauds the move.

Irrefutable evidence that Elvis lives.
   400 lb ex-singer found living behind a dumpster in Memphis.

Feel free to add further predictable, improbable, or just plain silly future pronouncements.