Based on input from my cousin David, a perceptive man of letters, I have changed the title of my upcoming book on creative writing.  David pointed out that the blurb suggested the book was more to do with the technicalities of writing, creatively or not, and less with the elements of creative writing which he described as being topics such as how to develop the interplay of characters; how to structure a piece of writing; what, if any, literary conventions to use; how you can use descriptive dialogue e.g. time – present, past, future.

He is correct.  I had spotted this imbalance as I was finishing the book and, in fact, mentioned it in my concluding chapter.  Accordingly, therefore, the title has been changed from this…

… to this:

Mechanics: routine or basic methods, procedures, techniques, or details (dictionary.com) or the practicalities or details of something (COED)

This title is a closer fit to the contents.  I feel happier now!  Thanks, David.

Incidentally, nobody has yet responded to my call for volunteers to copy edit the book.    Maybe you want to read the book first to see what’s involved in copy editing?