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Twenty-four hours after I wrote the blog about essay writing services, the BBC World Service Trending programme broadcast a 30-minute discussion about the rise of these services and, in particular, how EduBirdie, the service I mentioned, pays popular YouTube vloggers to advertise their service within their presentations rather than with pre-presentation advertisements.  I’m not a big fan of YouTube and I was shocked to hear about the extent to which EduBirdie has infiltrated these YouTubers who have their own YouTube channels targeted at young adults.  In one instance, a popular 12-year-old vlogger advertised the services of EduBirdie’s “super smart nerds” who promise “100% plagiarism-free and 100% confidential essays”.

If you are interested to download and listen to the BBC’s World Service podcast, go to the BBC Trending home page and search for “The YouTube stars selling cheating”.  The episode will be available for thirty days i.e. until 6 June 2018 or thereabouts. If you can’t find the podcast, search for “Trending-201805.mp3”, or send me an e-mail.  I have the download.  Alternatively, take a look at this BBC exposé covering the same topic.

The extent to which EduBirdie is selling its cheating services is horrific.