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A couple of days ago, my wife, Carol, and I assembled a large outdoor storage box to house the variety of cushions that go on our patio furniture.  The box came as a self-assembly flat-pack; a base, four sides, a lid, a ton of Allen key bolts plus two Allen keys, and some instructions.  Uh-oh.   It took my wife and me two hours to build the box, with only one instance of the F-word and a tacit agreement that we would stay married when the assembly was complete.  The problem was that having put the base down, we then had to attach each wall, one at a time, where all the fixing bolts are inserted and tightened from inside the box.  Given that the walls were 0.9 metres high and our arms are only around 0.6 metres long, you can see the problem!  As each new wall panel went on, we had to turn the box on its side and crawl in (as mid-70ers, neither of us are good crawlers these days!), first to locate each bolt (not always easy) and then to go round tightening all 24 bolts, twice, once the four walls were fully located.  It was very hot the afternoon we did this so you can imagine it was not a lovey-dovey sharing experience!

There was also an issue as to how the lid was fitted.  I thought the long side panel with a fancy product name badge attached had to go at the front whereas my wife argued that this particular panel had to go at the back because it had the hinge points for the lid.   My wife was right!  But, why is the product name badge on the back panel where it can’t be seen?  Makes no sense.

The final box looks nice, though, and is fit for purpose.  It’s a pity you can’t see the product name, however.