Lottie Brandon,
poet and author of short stories,
March 2018

My youngest granddaughter, Lottie, aged 10, has started writing what to me are amazingly creative literary works, full of imagination, evocative images and adjectival colour.   Recently (September 2018), she was asked to write a poem about nature using personification of non-human life forms or abstract notions – a tough brief for a 10-year-old.   Here is her un-aided result.  It was her idea to encapsulate the poem in the outline of an ivy leaf.

To help readability, I have set her poem in a similar ivy-leaf setting and used Lucida Calligraphy as the handwriting font.  Here it is:

I hope you enjoy Lottie’s poem as much as I did.  There’s more!

Lottie, and her older sister, Emilie, March 2018

And my all-time-greatest photograph of Lottie:

Swimming with the dolphins, Dubai, 2017