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After last night’s predicted second defeat of Theresa May’s ever-so-slightly-revised Brexit deal by the House of Commons, the saga continues today with a vote on a motion to leave the EU on March 29 without a deal, followed tomorrow with a vote on a motion to request an extension to the exit date if today’s motion is rejected.  What a pity the motions are that way round.  MPs, this afternoon, will almost certainly reject the hard-line no-deal option simply because there is an opportunity tomorrow to request the softer-line option of prolonging the agony with all that that implies: questions such as what is the point of extending the deadline; who will lead the renegotiation; what chance is there that the EU will offer a better deal; how long should the extension be; and so on.  If Theresa May had reversed the order of the two motions, today, the MPS would have attempted to thrash out the answers to all these questions and come up with a clear set of answers and objectives before approaching the EU with an extension request.  If they were unable to answer these questions, then a no-deal motion would have been tabled and probably passed as the only viable way forward.  As it stands and assuming today’s no-deal motion will be defeated, tomorrow’s motion will have to pass (there’s no alternative) and we will enter the morass of a second referendum, yes or no; a Conservative leadership bid, yes or no; a general election, yes or no; yet another renegotiation with the intransigent EU, yes or no; or withdrawal of Article 50, yes or no?  In other words, all the chaos and confusion will continue for the foreseeable future with no end in sight.

I truly despair of our politicians.  The only solution for me is to break up the United Kingdom thus allowing an absorption of Northern Ireland back into the Republic of Ireland and thereby solving the backstop issue; Scotland (and Wales if it so wishes) to apply for or remain in the EU which is what the Scots want anyway; and England to leave as per the majority of English votes cast (except in London).

Who will be brave enough among our leaders to propose such a solution?