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Layla finds her spot on the bed behind me.

Recently, my wife went over to my daughter’s place in France for a couple of weeks accompanied by Ella, one of my ‘UK’ granddaughters, and left me at home to look after our place.  Georgie, my other ‘UK’ granddaughter came around to see me regularly, sometimes during the day but more usually in the evening so that I could cook her an evening meal and then lose to her at cards, but I had the company of Layla, Ella and Georgie’s dog, for the whole period while I was on my own.  Layla is a 7-year-old cross between a Maltese and Shih Tzu, known as a Mal-Shih (also spelt Malshi), and she is the most gorgeous little dog I’ve ever known.  During the day, she would sit behind my desk either on a small white carpet she quite fancies or, if I didn’t spot her, on the pillow of the spare bed in the corner of the room.  At night, she would sleep in her own bed on the floor of my bedroom or, again, if I didn’t notice, on top of my bed down at my feet.  A few years ago, when we had a succession of Golden Retrievers, such behaviour would have been forbidden.  I guess I’ve gone soft in my old age.

Anyway, to the point of the story.  When it was just Layla and me, I talked to her all the time so here’s a question.  What do you think was the most frequently used word or phrase I said to her?  Was it ‘Do you want a biscuit?’ or ‘Walkies?’ or ‘Do you want to go out?’ or ‘Shall we get your dinner ready?’  Or what?  Take your time; think about it.  When you’re ready to give up, scroll down through these pictures of Layla to see the answer.

After a haircut

In her own bed (she likes a blanket over her).

Sitting next to her small white carpet.

The answer is ‘Eh?’ sometimes followed by ‘What do you think, Layla?’ Layla never answered any of my questions and I found myself saying ‘Eh?’ after every question I asked her.  Did you get the right answer?  Eh?

Just Layla.