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Here it is – my Covid-19 lockdown book. In March 2020 when it became clear that the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not going to go away quietly, I started self-isolating at home. Although we had a treadmill and an exercise bike within the house, I missed the great outdoors and Ron, my neighbour, said I was welcome to walk around his back garden any time I felt the need. So, when the weather was agreeable, I took to walking regularly around the garden for 45 minutes to an hour. As I did so, I noticed many interesting features and I began to think about writing something – a blog, a short story, maybe something longer – but I needed a muse, and here she is: Ron and Jenya’s 6-year-old daughter, Victoria:

Victoria among the rhododendrons in her garden

Here’s the opening paragraph of the book:

   I started my walk at the end of the small pond and decided I would walk anti-clockwise around the edge of the garden. Just as I was about to put one foot in front of the other, I felt a slight movement on my right shoulder. It was as if a bird had settled there. Hello, I thought to myself, what’s that and I turned my head to see what type of bird it was. But it wasn’t a bird. It was a pixie; a small garden pixie wearing a woolly hat, a green top, and brown half-length trousers, sitting on my shoulder and smiling at me.
   ‘Hello,’ he said. ‘Where are you going?’ …

Yes, I was joined by a pixie, Pesky, and later on by his friend, Tanya. They told me many interesting things about the magical features in the garden and, particularly, about their adventures in Rainbow World, a place that could be entered through an archway in the garden ‘only at 2 o’clock in the morning when the moon is full’; an event that happened on 8th May, 2020.

Rainbow World

Victoria’s Magical Garden

The garden transformed for the Annual Pixies’ Garden Fête

Availability and Price

Full of exciting adventures and magical happenings, the book extends to twenty chapters and covers the two-month period, 8 April – 12 June. The use of colour illustrations throughout the paperback book has pushed the list price up to £12.00 ($16.12) but I can supply copies at the author’s rate of £6.32 + p&p. If you are interested to obtain a (signed, if requested!) copy, e-mail me with your request.  Full details for how to buy the book on Amazon are here.