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Some time ago, I founded the UK National Apple Peeling Association with the aim of recognising and rewarding those among us who can use a regular household peeler to peel a 6 cm diameter (6.5 cm height, stem to calyx) British Standard Supermarket apple in one fluid motion and produce a single strand of peel that is at least 100 cms long – something I’ve been striving to do almost since birth. Having made the announcement in September 2016, I have waited patiently for somebody to step up to the plate and claim the first highly-coveted One Hundred Centimetre certificate.

Well, it has taken four years for that to happen but, ladies and gentlemen, we have a champion. Step forward 12-year-old Charlotte Eve Brandon who has smashed through the 100 cm barrier with an astounding 136.5 cm (53.7 inches) single strand of apple peel from an apple. Here she is, wearing her national black-and-white apple-peeling uniform and a big smile:

And here is the required photographic evidence of the length of the strand:

I am assured by the referees that the stretched-out-without-breaking length is 136.5 cms.

To Charlotte, who prefers to be known as Lottie, goes the number one One Hundred Centimetres certificate accompanied by congratulations from me (the founder and chairman of the association) and a gasp of admiration and possibly a telegram from our patron, the Queen.

For the record, here is Lottie’s certificate:

Well done, Lottie! You’ve set the bar high. Your certificate is on its way ready to occupy a pride-of place position in your home somewhere. Show it to your friends. Encourage them to have a go. And, above all, enjoy the apple.

Oops, I forgot to mention. Lottie is my youngest granddaughter. This is clear proof that skills such as single-strand apple peeling are passed down through the genes!