At last, Bert and Mavis make it into book form. This small book is a collection of the first fifty cartoons, many of which were first seen in earlier posts on this website.


Bert and Mavis, two cartoon character old-timers in the office and hotel cleaning business, made their debut in a cartoon I created for a technical presentation back in 2005. I needed a lovable down-to-earth couple to pictorialise a conversation and they fitted the bill perfectly. Since then, I’ve used them often in my blogs to impart wisdom, make an observation on a current affair, or just add a touch of humour to an otherwise serious topic.


The 53-page paperback is now available on Amazon.co.uk, priced at £6.75/copy or Amazon.com, priced at $8.88/copy. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, you can do so from me at the author’s price of £3.36 plus p&p. Contact me at ben@ben-bennetts.com

And here’s a cartoon that is not in the book: the first of the next series of fifty?