Avon Valley Path, 2010

Avon Valley Path, 34 miles, 2 walking days, July 2010

Christchurch – Fordingbridge – Salisbury

This three-county long-distance path follows the river Avon from Christchurch in Dorset to Salisbury in Wiltshire, passing through Ringwood and Fordingbridge in the New Forest area of Hampshire. We walked the 34 miles over two days in July when the midges and greenfly were out in force – thank goodness for Avon’s Skin So Soft product. Although not designed as an insect repellent, it works great and even makes us smell a lot better than usual when walking!

Unfortunately, I forgot to replace the battery in my camera before we set out so no photos, but I’ve included a couple snagged from Wikimedia Commons, one of Christchurch Prior at the start of our walk at and one of Salisbury Cathedral at the finish.

Highlights of the walk included watching a fly-fisherman at Fordingbridge (he caught nothing while we were there); finding a pile of loose change on an isolated road in the New Forest; and spotting lots of wild life (herons, buzzards, many small birds, some roe deer) along the river and in the forest.

An uneventful but pleasant walk.

2 images to follow.

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1 thought on “Avon Valley Path, 2010”

  1. I may well walk this one.


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