Clarendon Way, 2012

Clarendon Way, 24 miles, 2 walking days, March 2012

Salisbury – Broughton – Winchester

Clarendon Way is another of Hampshire’s long-distance paths, starting at the cathedral city of Salisbury and finishing at the cathedral city of Winchester. The trail passes through Clarendon Country Park and alongside the ruins of the Norman hunting lodge, Clarendon Palace. The trail is very rural between the two cities with not much to excite except maybe the Silver Plough pub at Pitton, ex-Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath’s favourite pub (he had his own seat), and an unusual monument to a horse at Farley Mount. A plaque on the side of the monument reads:

Underneath lies buried a horse, the property of Paulet St. John Esq., that in the month of September 1733 leaped into a chalk pit twenty-five feet deep afoxhuntiing with his master on his back and in October 1734 he won the Hunters Plate on Worthy Downs and was rode by his owner and was entered in the name of “Beware Chalk Pit”.

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