Isle of Wight Coastal Path, 2008

Isle of Wight Coastal Path, 64 miles, 3 walking days, September 2008

Cowes – Freshwater – Sandown – Cowes

In 2007, when I retired from a busy career as a consulting electronics engineer, I decided it was time to slim down a bit and take up a sport so I started playing golf.  It was the most frustrating sport ever!  For every good hit, there were at least nineteen lousy hits.  I persisted for about a year and then gave up in disgust for not improving beyond the stage where every hole was taking anywhere between five and ten strokes, sometimes more.

I enjoyed the walking part of golf however and decided that I should develop the walking interest.  I did the research, bought some walking gear, and planned my first multi-day long-distance-path walk – a 64-mile 3-day walk round the coastal path of the Isle of Wight in September 2008. It rained.  I got wet.  My boots were new. I got blisters.  I ached from unused muscles.  But, I enjoyed the walk and vowed to repeat the experience.

This was the beginning of my passion for long-distance walking.

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