Madeira Walking, 2004 – 2012

Madeira, hundreds of miles!, 2004 – 2012

Between 2004 and 2012, we owned a small apartment in Caniço de Baixo on the island of Madeira. We used it as a base for holidays, taking many day walks along the numerous levadas (irrigation channels) and other trails on the island. Our favourites included Levada dos Tornos (Camacha to Monte section, and including a 250 metre tunnel), Levada da Serra (Comacha to Choupana section), Levada Nova (Cabo to Prazeres section), Levada Furada and Levada Portela (Ribeiro Frio to Portela section, everyone’s favourite), Levada da Risco (Rabaçal to 25 Fontes section), the trail from Achada do Teixera to Pico Ruivo (the island’s highest peak, 1861 metres), and the rugged and sometimes very windy São Lourenço peninsula. I never recorded how many miles/kilometres nor how many levadas we walked but I do recall that some were quite dangerous with unprotected precipitous drops, some were almost dry, some we never braved, and many were bordered by numerous beautiful flowers. Indeed, on one occasion, we walked the Levada Nova and I took photographs of 48 different types, a sample of which is included in one of the slide shows below.

Madeira is a walker’s paradise but requires respect for sudden changes in the weather, an ability to walk through narrow tunnels, and in some places a head for heights and a very sure step.

Levadas, 10 images to follow.

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São Lourenço peninsula, 12 images to follow.

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Flowers along the Levada Nova, 14 images to follow.

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