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Brexit1I have to admit I am just so…oo bored with all the rhetoric and hyperbole coming from every David, Michael and Boris about why we either should or should not vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd next.  I rarely read past the headlines.  I just note the sentiment and the utterer’s name and ask myself three questions:

  • What’s his, or her, angle?
  • Is he, or she, seeking to protect their job, their empire or their wealth?
  • Is he, or she, looking for their 15 minutes of fame?

Brexit2Basically, if we stay in the EU we know what we are letting ourselves in for—the United States of Europe—but if we leave, we have absolutely no idea what will happen.  It will be an unprecedented move by a member nation and no-one, I repeat no-one, can predict what will happen to things like taxes, immigration, security, border control, the economy, schools, national health system, travelling abroad, the cost of living, wages, etc.  These things are all intimately locked together.  It’s impossible, for example, for Osborne to say that leaving the EU will result in an additional £4,300 burden on a family.  The man’s an idiot!

Brexit3I have great faith in our ability to survive as an independent nation should that be our collective wish.  Norway has survived outside the EU, as has Switzerland.  I’m also a believer in chaos theory which destroys the notion that anyone can predict the outcome if we decide to pull out.  That little old butterfly flapping his wings in the Amazon jungle can have a dramatic effect on what happens in the future.  Read Ray Bradbury’s short sci-fi story, “A Sound of Thunder”.

Okay, that’s all I want to say about the run-up to the referendum.  Vote according to your beliefs and persuasion but pay no attention to the predictions of politicians, religious leaders, royalty, pop stars, military chiefs of staff, police commissioners, or any others who claim to predict the future.  You are better off listening to Mystic Meg.