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  • Are you obsessed with your smartphone; does it control your life, never leave your side, always demand your attention?
  • Are you constantly checking for new messages?
  • Do you have anxiety attacks if you misplace or lose your smartphone?
  • Are all your friends cyber friends and have you lost the ability to converse with real people?
  • Are you forever taking and posting pouting selfies, or what is on your meal plate?
  • Do you avoid certain places such as the cinema because you are forbidden to use your smartphone therein?
  • Do you check your smartphone at social events, while driving a car, walking the dog, or taking a shower?

If so, you have become a smartphonolic (noun: a person addicted to their smartphone) and are in dire need to GET A LIFE.


Attend weekly support-group meetings in a friendly environment; talk openly about your addiction; listen to how others are conquering their addiction.

At SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS, you will learn how to:

  • resist the touch-or-swipe urge to awaken your phone;
  • ignore insistent ringtones and new message alerts;
  • unfriend your cyber friends and close down your social media accounts;
  • manage smartphone withdrawal symptoms as your usage reduces;
  • locate and use the phone’s ON/OFF switch;
  • crush Candy Crush forever; and a host of other skills designed to reintroduce you to the real world populated with real people.

SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS guarantees your anonymity.  SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS is not affiliated to any religious, ethnic, political or non-governmental organisation.  SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS is privately funded by wealthy philanthropic and altruistic individuals, keen to re-establish real person-to-person communication skills.   All SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS group leaders are well trained in leading group discussions and are available for private one-on-one consultations for those who are severely addicted.

The day you drop your smartphone into a bucket of water (optional) is the day you reclaim your life, rejoin the human race, and qualify as an ex-smartphonolic.  That’s what SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS will do for you! Enrol now in SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS’s ten-week smartphone detox class, details here.  Classes are free.

CertificateContact SMARTPHONOLICS ANONYMOUS by ringing this toll-free number: 1-800-NO2SMART (USA) or 800-NO2SMART (UK).  Don’t use your smartphone to make the call.  Use a landline or call box!