EU Referendum Result

♪♪♫   There may be trouble ahead,
But while there’s Denmark and Sweden, Greece and France,
Let’s face the music and dance.

Before the fiddlers have fled,
Before they ask us to pay the bill,
And while we’re still in a trance,
Let’s face the music and dance.

Soon, we’ll be outside the Union,
Humming a different tune,
And then, there may be tear drops to shed.
So while this may be our last chance,
Let’s face the music and dance.  ♫♪♪

With apologies to Irving Berlin

The Leavers have won.  This morning we are waking up to the 52% Leave 48% Remain result of the UK’s EU Referendum.  UK citizens have spoken through the ballot box.  Now it all starts.  There will be pundits galore presenting their views on what will happen next, whose head will fall, whose head will rise, the effect on the economy and, in particular, the pound.  There will be jubilations, recriminations, explanations and predictions.  Some citizens will be sitting quietly pondering on what happens next: to them, to their families, to their life style, to their businesses, to their investments.  Others will be wondering about timescales—how long before changes caused by a severance from the rule of Brussels manifest themselves in their everyday lives.  Control of borders and control of immigration has clearly played a major role in determining the final pro-Leave result and will continue to be a major talking point but the wheels of government will turn slowly and the 2-year process of decoupling from Brussels will cause frustration and misunderstanding.  But, the nation has spoken through the democratic process.  It’s now up to those in office to implement the wishes of the majority.  I wish them level-headedness, clarity of thought, keen negotiating skills and a hefty dose of serendipity.