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Grandpa is a storyteller.  He’s also The Dream Guardian, charged with looking after hundreds of bottles of dreams, both happiness dreams and nightmares.  His grandchildren, Tommy and Nikki, often visit him to listen to a story and, in Tommy’s case, learn how to become the new Dream Guardian when the time comes.  Listen to stories about hidden temples, a runaway dog, four-winged fairies, stag beetles, witches, Arthur (the original Dream Guardian), adventurous train journeys, and much more.  Plus learn about a secret room, a secret book and map, and how to redream a bottled dream.

It’s out!   My new children’s story book, The Dream Guardian, is now available, both as a full-colour 195-page paperback and as an e-book.  The paperback version can be bought from Amazon, priced at $24.99 (circa £19.28/€21.82).  Gulp!  Yes, I know.  I have little control over the price and it’s the use of colour images that has bumped it up to almost the £20 mark.  Colour images require higher quality paper but I have to say, the book looks and feels nice!  A decent Christmas stocking filler, I’d say; a gift for life!  (See footnote.)

But, there’s good news.  I’ve also published the book as an e-book, available from both Amazon and Smashwords and priced more reasonably at $7.99 (circa £6.17/€6.98). You can view and download samples from either website.

Here are the links.

For more details about the book, read the new book announcement published last May.
Amazon paperback edition, click here.
Amazon e-book in the Kindle store (MOBI), click here.
Smashwords e-book (MOBI, EPUB), click here.


I have a few personal signed paperback copies I am willing to let go at the author’s price (lower than list) + p&p.  E-mail me if you are interested in obtaining a copy and I’ll respond with details.