His name will be Mohammed, or Omar, or Ahmed, or Adam, or…


I wrote this blog just after I heard the news about a possible suicide bomber at Manchester Arena and before any details emerged.  We now know that the bomber was one of the sons of Libyan immigrants who came to the UK in 1994 (but are now back in Libya), was a known supporter of terrorism, vehemently opposed the US-led military operations in Syria, had been radicalised, and was named Salman Abedi.  The only things I got wrong in my speculation were (a) the given name, and possibly (b) the squalid squat.  Predicting who perpetrated incidents such as the Manchester bombing, the 2015 massacre in Paris, the slaughter on a Tunisian beach, and other more-recent atrocities around Europe is no longer rocket science.  That is so sad.

Incidentally, Mohammed, Omar, Ahmed and Adam are the top most popular names given to male Muslim boys.  Salman, meaning blessing or peace, is in the top one hundred.  Never has someone been so misnamed.  The name may not be so popular from now on.  Then again,…