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Well, those who watched tonight’s BBC Six O’Clock News would have been disappointed to have heard that Prince Charles was prevented from entering No. 10 Downing Street to take up his new Prime Minister appointment by militant protesters made up of ex-MPs of all persuasions blocking off both ends of the street.  When Prince Charles arrived on his eco-friendly bicycle, his way was blocked by jeering ex-MPs.  One on-the-scene reporter even spotted someone wearing a V-for-Vendetta facemask who attempted to thrust what appeared to be a parliamentary mace into the spokes of Prince Charles’ front wheel in a blatant attempt to unseat him.  The un-named male person was of diminutive build and was heard to shout, “Order! Order!” as he thrust away.  Such behaviour towards a future King of England is unprecedented and illustrates the depths of feeling currently exhibited by those ex-MPs who were castigated and expelled by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Later this evening, Prince Charles was spotted walking around Regent’s Park, seemingly seeking solace among the trees and, occasionally, heard talking to them in a somewhat cultured but strident tone.  He was accompanied by his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall/Duchess of Rothesay/Countess of Cheshire, and frequent visitor to the Jack Hares Bar in the Hare and Hounds Hotel close to their residence at Highgrove in Gloucestershire.

In other developments, the Queen has announced that the formation of her replacement government has been put on a temporary hold while she, and other members of the Royal Family, look for alternative ways of placing Prince Charles inside No. 10 Downing street, possibly via underground sewers or maybe by helicopter onto the roof.  She is determined to gain entrance so that her son can assert his new authority.  In the meantime, Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge, the newly appointed Secretary of State for Media and Public Relations has appeared on ITV (the left-wing BBC wouldn’t allow her in the studio) with a press announcement stating that her father-in-law, Prince Charles, is fully expected to appear outside No. 10 with an eloquent and invigorating Message to the Nation at 11:00 AM tomorrow morning.  Failing that, he will address what’s left of the nation via Harry and Meghan’s immensely popular Instagram @sussexroyal account.  Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Sussex, co-founder of the account and now the Minister for Women and Equalities has stated that this is an ideal venue for the statement even though, “He’s a bloke, not a bird” as she so eloquently put it.

Events are not moving as smoothly as Queen Elizabeth had wanted but she comes from a long line of monarchs who have faced many trials and tribulations in the past, including exile, imprisonment and beheadings and we, her loyal subjects, can rest assured that she will surmount the current difficulties with grace, dignity and a flourish of her sceptre.

It’s all happening.  Watch this space!