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I don’t get it. I thought Harry and Meghan (H&M) resigned their Royal HRH positions to get away from all the media attention and ballyhoo that surrounds any member of the British Royal Family and which, in particular, Harry has insinuated claimed the life of his mother. That being so, and given that meetings have taken place recently resulting in a settlement of sorts, why is the home page of today’s BBC UK News website displaying not one but four – yes, four, news items about H&M? Take a look. Here’s the top line banner:

Okay. So Harry’s in Canada. So what?

And further down, still on the home page, three more articles about H&M:

Black women talking about Meghan suggests she was the victim of racism. I never saw it like that. And Harry’s Sentebale speech was two days ago and widely covered the day after the speech so why continue to analyse it? Why does the BBC think H&M are still of interest to the Great British Public? Has Harry shot himself in the foot? Has his ‘I want to stop being a Royal’ action back-fired? Has their life-changing role created yet more interest in him and his wife? If so, to whom? Will they never be free of media intrusion in their lives? Will the BBC continue to feed us trivia about their new lives in Canada despite the fact that Harry has said, ‘The media is a powerful force, and my hope is, one day, our collective support for each other can be more powerful,’ and, in a statement last year, ‘I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.’

It is clear that both Harry and his wife want out but it would seem as if the media will not let them drop out of the public eye. Odd, don’t you think?

One other thing. H&M are attempting to trademark Sussex Royal worldwide preparatory to launching their own brand of goods. Given that they retained their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles but are no longer considered to be royal, how can they do this? Again, I don’t get it. Sussex Royal Has-Beens might work better.

Now, I realise that by writing this post, I am also guilty of continuing the social media coverage of H&M. I forthwith promise to cease and desist and concentrate on more important issues. You, Harry and Meghan, may issue a sigh of relief!